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• NanoEngage
• Nanogateway
• Susnanofab

NanoEngage has been initiated through a long-term cooperation between INL and Onvega. The project offers/Creates smart knowledge/promotion hub for nanotechnology/nanoscience based on visual information management approach by utilizing onvega platform, VegaRise. [ more ]

What is EPPN?
A sustainable digital hub for bridging pilot lines facilities allowing technology providers to engage with users, technology up-takers, policy makers, investors and other actores in the ecosystem, along industrial value-chains.
This project received funding from the European Union | Horizon2020 Programme (H2020) under grant agreement N. 768681. [ more ]

Karun 4 Dam

one of the biggest dam and hydropower plants in the world

Onvega provided a management dashboard that enables all kinds of data to be integrated and stored. Their specific needs concerned investigations, surveys, design data, documentation, constructions records, monitoring data, on-line, real-time data and backdrop analysis were easily managed with the onvega solution. [ watch video ]

Shakbaba Traffic Tunnel

the first traffic tunnel project in Kazakhstan

Onvega provided an overall management tool during the construction process. All data was easily accessible which enabled an optimal decision making process. The onvega solution was also used to record the knowledge of the project’s team to use it as a learning process.

SwedNano Tech

the first umbrella organization for the Swedish nanotechnology

Onvega has helped them bridge the gap between academia, the industry, business and the public. Onvega makes sure they have a clear and holistic view of nanotechnology developments and the latest information.


the first international nanotechnology research organization in Europe

It is a strategic negotiation; onvega and INL are talking to run a joint project called "The Braga Talks". Onvega is aiming to provide them a visual management dashboard to have direct access to all project information and knowledge stored in a data archive.