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what we do

The Swedish-based company onvega, offers a responsive data management tool for projects/organizations. The solution combines Big data coming from different teams, integrating them into one visual information platform.

Providing a holistic and detailed view, our Tailor-made solution avoids valuable data from being missed or overlooked.

It cuts management risks, especially ones with high-price consequences.


Fact is, every second, huge number of data is being generated. All these data needs to be processed and managed with the same speed that it is being created.

We want you to stay up with your big data in order to make the most secure, reliable and risk-less decisions in the fastest and easiest way possible.


—to develope upon listening and learning from our clients

—to evoke feelings of trust, vital necessity and ascend

—to stand smart when it comes to big data management

vital necessity

Every bit matters when it comes
to efficient planning and management. What powerful managers have in common is a wish to make the most reliable decisions.

Onvega solution secures you from risks and failures up to 20-25%.

we are onvega!
Symbolic: Vega is one of the five brightest stars in the night sky. The name represents the emission of light which reveals what is hidden in the darkness.

—The state of being on vega also represents our state of having a holistic view.—

Practical: We shed light on overlooked information. We create a holistic insight through layering and harmonizing big data.