large scale organizations

As a manger you can control different divisions with the help of the onvega tool by using our holistic approach.

Our solutions helps your organization with:

-------- Everything regarding planning and evaluation.
-------- Simplifying your every communication process during the work process.
-------- Making it easier to keep track of reporting issues.
-------- Helping you control everything in regard to your resource management.
-------- Handling risk management in a more secure way.

infrastructure/construction projects

The onvega solution helps you to be in control of every phase of your project’s lifecycle:

pre-study — execution — maintenance — evaluation

Your will be able to handle all participants ----- [ owners, consultants, project managers, contractors and more ].
Any extra needs you have can be added to the onvega solution, for example extra devices or supplemented components depending on your project needs.

transportation planning organizations

At onvega we are specialized in road safety and accessibility for the elderly and the disabled. We can handle everything in regard to traffic planning. Onvega can create and design a visual position based management portal for traffic investigations, traffic planning and data regarding traffic activities.

We are in the forefront in making a National Road Accident Database about pedestrians, bikers, motorcyclists and public transport.

small and medium-sized enterprises

The onvega solution gives you a digitally processed and amplified version of the real-world.
---------------------- The digital elements are created from pre-recorded and real-time data in your smartphone.
It can be applied for a variety of usages and both private and public B2B markets.